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Weiss Corporate Services LLC

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  • Bremerton, WA 98337
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    Real Estate + Construction

    Who We Are

    Weiss Companies is a family-owned investment office that fuels business activities that share the family’s passions and strengths. The company focuses on real estate and construction, operating between two divisions with over 200 employees. We have a history of helping the companies and properties we acquire not just grow, but to become better businesses. Focused on providing strategic and operational guidance to its companies, the Weiss family takes pride in seeing each company and its employees achieve their full potential.

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    As our construction division, BuildRight is committed to the acquisition and active management of a diverse portfolio of construction companies. Leveraging our extensive experience in the construction industry, we are proud to offer our customers a commitment to projects that are built right.

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    Redbrick Development is the real estate division of Weiss Companies and specializes in property acquisition, development, and management. Our dedicated staff takes pride in keeping our properties in like new condition and providing our tenants with the best-in-house property management services.


    We Grow to Give

    Part of what drives our work is a commitment to philanthropy and charitable giving. Our motto is “we grow to give” and we back up this claim by dedicating a portion of our profits to worthwhile charities that share the family's beliefs.

    One charity we are particularly involved in is Cure JM, a nonprofit that is working to find a cure for a rare autoimmune disease that affects children, called juvenile myotosis.

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